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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

LDR531- Organizational Leadership
February 25, 2010
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When creating a plan for positive influence, teamwork is very essential tool because it brings about a great reward furthermore if team work is not well established it will not be carried out effectively. Meaningful work as a team does not just happen, teamwork is as a result of several quality works been put together to attain a successful result. Impressively working together as a team is all based on the active contribution of a good leader in terms of communications, roles play, resolving conflict, and procedures.
Impressive leadership is the major role to the success of a team, the leader of the team has to create a positive working environment. It is a vital responsibility on the part of the leader to be a good example to the other member of the team so that they can e ale to copy the leader good works; also good attitude to work is highly encouraged in other to motivate workers to doing there best.
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.???(Henry Ford).
Another crucial point in work place is Diversity among various type of people in the work place this happen on a daily basis it occurs as a result of different believes, ages, background, educations and lot more, this brings about the uniqueness that work out perfection and difference aspect of propounding solution to problems and achieving task. More so everyone in the team has a kind of different personalities, emotions, attitude and values and what motivate individuals differ from another. When we understand the exact thing tat can motivate any member of the team it will enhance productivity, and make up satisfactions in the working environment.

Another major role that organization has been able to discover is motivation, since motivations allows for measuring both the productivity and job satisfaction. Looking at what generate motivation such as recognition, growth, learning, accomplishment and opportunity for achievement, motivation allows team member to have enthusiasm for their work and it encourage high performance and satisfactions in business set up.

We have different type of meaning and definitions for the word motivations; it can be looked into as a factor, energy or trait. Motivation is what pushes someone to do whatever it takes to acquire something (
Motivation is the element that stimulates the desire in people to be interested and engaged to a role or job; is what moves people to perform continues effort towards achieving a particular goal. Motivation is the behavior that incites an action (
The word Motivation may be seen as external and internal. External motivations allow a person to be motivated by recognition and rewards from forces that are external such as cars, money and many more. While internal motivation is done for a person to motivate the particular individual to get to a certain height for his or her own benefit, this is determine by the individual personal goals and values.
In other to motivate a better understanding in a working environment there are several types of motivational theories one of which is the Mc Clelland theory of need developed by David Mc Clelland and associate. These type of theory has is based on three specific types of needs which are affiliation, power, and achievement , there is need for achievement because individual has the desire to do great things and more efficiently perform better than expected when is been focused on achievement. They are very kin about setting goals that can cost them a task that is challenging also been able to profound solutions to problems, and entertain feedback for proper concentrations. More so there are certain needs for power which is the ability of individual to impact, control, and influences other people. Peoples that taste for power loves to always be in control and are the competitive type. Looking at the third aspect which is affiliation, everyone loves and wants a friendship, desired relationship and cooperative situation that bring about a mutual understanding. (David McClelland).
Looking at the survey that was done in the year 2003, we can deduce that the overall best motivator for workers is not money, thou there are some tops factors that workers count as important which will be mention as follow, firstly we look at training which helps employee to have more skills to be marketable and having the privilege to make choices in terms of assignment. Another aspect which could be considered as the second is flexibility and time off which is the second point this allows employee for employees to balance up there personal life with there responsibilities to there work.
The third aspect is the appreciation stage everyone love to be recognized and valued, and to see credibility been giving to works done by them from there superior. While the fourth is authority and autonomy which gives workers the confidence that there decision is trusted and accepted in the innovation of new ideas.
The last one which is the fifth one is the time spent by employee with there managers, those times are been treasured by employee, because it is a very sensitive time to listen to the view about certain situation from the employee aspect and be able to reach a conclusive end to attain the best possible solution. (B. Nelson, 2003).
When motivation is increased in a work place this allows for job satisfaction employees will be delighted to perform excellently and it will enhance productivity. Furthermore it is very essential for companies to motivate there workers thou it might be difficult most times since individuals are been motivated by different things, but organization will have to work on that aspect to attain a positive result. Testing personality will be a vital tool to be used when embarking on motivation theory, because it will assist in constituting a well developed plan to activate positive influence so that motivation can be increased coupled with performance and satisfaction.
The following name are members of team A Gaby, Linda, Ryan, Phillip, , paying more attention on there personality test Gaby and Linda are: Impresser and Interactive style they are always motivated when they win with flair, they love to be on the wining side and also considered other people feelings they get nervous about those who are procrastinating instead of doing something, some other factors judge people by their strength to make things happen. There is a very high tendency of doing a lot of work when there is a greater risk or reward ahead, not minding to share the goals and work with others, in respecter of the looks that is been put on but anticipating to do the best, been restless, and working the best they could for the strength of enthusiasm, optimistic and motivation. Their weaknesses are disorganized, careless, poor follow-through (Disc assessment).
Ryan and Phillip they are the adventures part of the Dominance Styles: they are very direct and less guarded than other dominance styles. The number one thing that gives them motivation is independence and dominance because they are willing to go extra miles by there sacrifice of quality for quantity and they are also goal getters. Their self- confident makes them to do mistake without affecting their self esteem. They are always willing to challenge others and are not afraid of confrontations. They are very conscious about getting things done, they express their self with the ability to get things done on time and makes things happen also focusing on strengths and successes, more likely by taken shorter ways and some time be forceful and less of team oriented under pressure.(Disc assessment).
Another helper of the Interactive style is Gaby who is very open and not very direct than other interactive styles. However the major factor that motivates her is friendship, she find it difficult to pressure others or forcing them to do things, she is very sensitive when there is criticism, also very patient and deliberate when solving issues, her sensitivity to criticism always affect her relationships, another area is her tendencies to avoiding conflict with others, avoiding tension with others, caring and responsible, projecting ad empathizing, confidence and trust in others, positive environment, prefer people oriented, listening to others and sharing her own view.
Assessing individual personalities according to the assessment and motivation theory the main focus for these particular team will be more of there strength and needs. Ryan and Phillip falls under the needs of power according to David Mc Clelland???s theory. The better role for them will be to lead the team: and it will result to a bit of challenge when both leaders start competing with each other. We can see that Linda and India are very near to the need of achievement theory, because they have the will power to work but also love recognition; therefore it is essential for them to make good impression. Motivation technique is to be emphasize to there contribution to the team generally with a simple ???great job??? or ???excellence??? According to the theory Gaby falls into the category of affiliation, the important thing that gives her motivation is working in an environment that makes her have good relationship and working with people, A better idea is conducting a meeting whereby it not just work related but also the environment that allows for sharing with each other, establishing sense of unity, interested in knowing one another, also opportunity to share goals.
Another very important factor is communication because it is necessary for interpersonal interaction, which is most important for the team, when communication is open it gives opportunity to express feelings, share ideas, and understand each other view and also sharing ideas.
However based on the survey of B. Nelson??™s team appreciation and time flexibility can be included as one of the plans. There can also be recognition in terms of seminar when everyone will be able to learn about motivation, business related topics, leadership, gift card, celebrating someone??™s birthday at lunch, and also recognition in terms of email.
Roles definition is very essential in a team because it is compulsory to delegate which role each member has to takes, having in mind there strength, opportunity, personalities, weakness, which will assist to balance every needs that the team has and delegating the right person for each tasks.
There is job satisfaction hen you can see people has positive expression concerning there job, the main reason for learning about behavior is to be able to challenge people to work and influence them to get an excellent result. By creating a better place to work there are better chances that a valuable employee will have a good attitude towards his or her job increasing job satisfaction (Robbins & Judge, T. A. 2007).

David McClelland: Ch.6 ??“ Robbins, S.P & Judge, T.A (2007) Organizational Behavior (12th ed.) Upper Saddle- River, NJ: Pearson Education.

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