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Hsm 240 Goals and Objectives

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Goals and Objectives
Demetrius Wren
HSM 240 Public Policy Services in Human Services

Goals and Objectives of the Salvation Army

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Due to the fact that many human service organizations and programs are receiving funding from either public or private sources, producing results that can be measured is necessary. In order to produce these results successfully, organizations need to set in place their goals and objectives. One of the main purposes for human resource organizations is to help the well being of people in the community, therefore having a clear and defined set of goals and objectives is necessary in order to be relevant and successful. The success and significance of the Salvation Army is proven by their longevity being one of the oldest human service organizations circa 1865. Not only does the Salvation Army explain its goals and objectives clearly, they also have a proven track record of results that are favorable throughout the world. The Salvation Army is widely recognized and respected throughout the human service industry and the world. Their goal is to ???assist those who are homeless, abused or disadvantaged in pursuit of its goals: serving the most people, meeting the most needs and doing the most good???. They are also well known for their disaster relief services, youth services, soup kitchen, senior services, rehabilitation services, emergency services and a slew of other programs to help the community. The Salvation Army has set a purpose and is very effective at continuing to be a relevant force in the human service community.

The Salvation Army is a global organization established in 1865 with the same mission; preaching the gospel and meeting the human needs without discrimination. The objectives of the organization is the advancement of the Christian religion??¦ of education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole. The goals that they have set are long term; as the organization continues to grow the need for long term development and more modern facilities are constantly under review. They are also diligent in making sure that they have highly qualified staff and because they have embarked on a path of social betterment for the poor, they operate in the most skilled, practical and cost effective ways. In my opinion, the Salvation Army??™s goals and objectives are both manifest and latent. The manifest of this program is to provide services to people that will help them have a better quality of life. By providing programs such as youth ministry, senior services, worship opportunities, disaster and emergency services is reasonably expected to be an improvement to those who are socioeconomically challenged. Their latent goals are to eliminate the issues that are plaguing the world such as homelessness, hungry families, those who have been affected by natural disasters, etc.

Goals and objectives are similar however there are some integral differences that separate and clarify each. Goals are more general and abstract whereas objectives are more concrete, operational statement about the desired outcome. The Salvation Army??™s overall goal is to stabilize living conditions by providing food, shelter and housing, utility assistance and basic needs for families and individuals who are temporarily unable to provide for themselves. The objectives focus on a specific target market such as the homeless, senior citizens, missing persons, etc., with specifications of what resolutions are needed in order to improve the quality of life for the target market.

One of the programs that the Salvation Army focuses on is disaster recovery throughout the United States. Each year the Salvation Army helps millions of Americans in several disasters response efforts. The Salvation Army??™s role in disaster relief services consist of Emergency Preparedness – Aiming its focus quick responses and educating other disaster professionals on how to prepare for emergency situations, Immediate Response ??“ Preparing pre-staging areas and entering into impacted areas once it has been approved to do so, and Long-term Disaster Recovery ??“ which consists of coordinating with government officials to develop long term strategic disaster recovery plans and continuing to provide immediate response services. Usually being one of the first respondents on the scene when there is a natural disaster of any sort, helping and giving relief to those affected. The overall goal and objectives for this specific program is to make sure that they are meeting the basic needs of those affected.


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