David and Catherine

David and Catherine will divorce if they continue with no changes to their relationship. It is obvious that they do not understand what motivates each other. Understanding the motivation behind another person’s actions is essential in a lasting relationship.

David and Catherine began a whirl wind love affair that was a new experience for each of them. Neither of them had been intimate with any other person and had never been in love before. They decided to marry within a few weeks of meeting. Though it is possible for such relationships to be successful; it is likely that David and Catherine did not really understand each other’s emotional needs before they married. They were caught up in the fantastic emotional rush that a new love can hold.

David prides himself on being very self-sufficient, a quality that he would assume his wife would also possess. Catherine obviously is less secure and less self-sufficient than David. David’s confidence would not allow him to respect Catherine’s lack of confidence and begins to feel smothered by her.

Catherine, who begins to check on David, is likely showing her kind-hearted, caring nature. When David does not return the same interest of her daily activities, she is hurt and assumes that he is unfaithful. She assumes that because he does not appreciate her concern for him that he does not love her.

Catherine and David need to recognize that each of them has a different way of showing love. They need to see that each of them also needs different things from the other. David and Catherine need to communicate their feelings openly. If they are able to speak to each other openly about their expectations and needs of a spouse, they will likely be able to make their future together long and happy. On the other hand, if they continue as they are without discussing the changes in their feelings as they became more comfortable with each other, they will likely end up divorcing.

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